BCD Money Guide

We're here to help you with your finances. Here you will find some articles that will hopefully answer your questions and help you manage your money better.

Saving Money 

Saving Methods

Saving is easy with BCD Credit Union and can be done by any of the following methods:

* Over the counter (cash / card / cheque)

* Over the phone card payments

* Standing Order

* Get your wages or benefits paid direct to BCD and we can take an affordable regular amount to suit any budget and before you know it you will be able to apply for your first loan after 10 consecutive deposits. 

Having regular savings taken from your wages or benefits will build your savings quickly without you even realising. 

If you finish paying off a loan, continue making the monthly payments, but instead make them to your savings account.  Your used to getting by without that money each month and it will start adding up to help you with high cost purchases (weddings, holidays, christmas etc)


Saving from a Young Age

If you have young children or relations, you can encourage them to save from a young age by opening an account for them when they are born and contribute to the account on birthdays and other celebrations. It is often best to allow the little ones to contribute to the accounts but not withdraw from them - and if you can, say you'll match their contributions, then do so. Before you know it, your little ones will have grown up and they will have enough to pay for a second-hand car or one year's university tuition fees.



Loan Calculator

How much will a loan cost?

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